Enjoy Bocce at Forest Glen

Let the fun begin! Our Bocce courts are completed and ready for your use. We are so excited to be able to begin enjoying this new Forest Glen amenity. 

Bocce is a yard game of Italian heritage and a fun activity for all ages and athletic abilities. The rules are simple, making it a fun and easy game to play. We encourage all members to try the game, watch a game and meet other members in this inviting social setting. Members have the opportunity to join a league or to stop by with their own group. 

The Bocce committee is excited to see so much interest in our new amenity.  Please contact any of the Bocce Committee members with any suggestions so we can consider them as we look forward to organizing our January through April season.  

This webpage will be revised periodically so please check back regularly for updates.

Bocce Court Features

⇒ Three lighted courts

⇒ Complimentary Bocce equipment

⇒ Beverage service

⇒ Now Available for League and Open Play