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If your ball lands on the fairway and rolls into the woods, does any one hear it?  Arthur Hills does!

Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest and Associates is one of golf's most prolific and respected course architectural firms, with projects underway in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean.  The company has designed and overseen construction of nearly 200 original course and 130 renovations, since the company was founded in 1966.

A carpet of Sea Isle Supreme Paspalum grass, unique because of its dark-green color, high density and limited need for water, fertilizers and pesticides stretches from tee to green.  The Hills team's touch is evident throughout every hole of the renovated course with: further rolls and landforms that capture balls instead of kicking them into hazards; additional width in the fairways; variance in the size and character of the greens, to make each hole distinct; creation of "bail-out" areas around the greens; and partial screening of Collier Boulevard from the course to enhance the playing experience.

A "state-of-the-art" irrigation system ensures the Sea Isle Supreme Paspalum is cared for and continues to thrive under Florida's stringent water usage standards.  Sea Isle Paspalum stripes up beautifully, and pleases the eye with its deep green tone.  This distinctive grass also props the ball up higher, due to its dense canopy and Sea Isle Supreme.  Its waxy leaves won't allow it to hold the early-morning dew like Bermuda grass, meaning those early morning putts from the fringe won't be such a chore, and the golfer's shoes, socks and pant cuffs will stay much drier.

"We kept some of the existing roll, but we also created further rolls and landforms that capture balls instead of kicking them into hazards.  We created a lot more width in the fairways; we varied the size of the greens to make each hole distinct," explained Arthur Hills and AHSF partner Chris Wilczynski.

All good things eventually come true!