Rentals Wanted

Are you having trouble finding a rental at Forest Glen?  If so, this page is for you!  To post your information (i.e. contact number, email, months desired, etc.) contact Katie in the Membership Office by email at  Please be sure to keep the office updated with any changes, deletions, etc.  


2020/2021 Season

Posted 1/31/20 ~ We are looking to rent a 2-bedroom unit for February and March, 2021.  We have not experienced Forest Glen before but we are very interested in trying it.  We are interested in a full golf transfer membership.  Please email us at or phone: 905 505 1071
Posted 2/6/20 ~ We are currently renting at Forest Glen but the owners will be occupying the unit next year.  We are looking to rent March 2021 with the golf membership transfer.  Please contact Theresa or Terry at or 705-890-7561.
Posted 2/10/20 ~ Retired couple looking to rent condo for February & March 2021 With small certified ESA dog.  Currently renting in the Naples area.  Reference available.  Contact Linda Kaufman at  
Posted 2/17/20 ~ My wife and I have been coming to Forest Glen for the past 5 years.  We love the golf course and the friendly atmosphere.  We are presently renting a coach home that is up for sale.  We are interested in renting another coach home from January to the end of March (3 months) in 2021.  We are Canadians.  Peter Ross   Email: or Tel: 514-773-7823
Posted 2/18/20 ~ Looking to rent a Condo, Garden home, Villa or Coach home for January 1-31, 2021, with golf privileges. Thank you, Bill Lenich--203-722-0674 
Posted 2/21/20 ~ Current renter looking for a condo for the 2021 season (February & March preferred, however open to 3 months).  No golf privileges needed.  Contact Sally at 303-808-7267.  
Posted 2/21/20 ~ Long time renters at Forest Glen (owner is selling) interested in a unit for the 2021 season.  Preferably February or March (possibly both).  Contact Jane at if you have availability.  
Posted 2/24/20 ~ Looking to rent for February and March 2021 with a golf transfer membership. Please Contact Sylvie at
Posted 2/25/20 ~ We are looking for a rental for March 2021.  Contact Joan at
Posted 3/9/20 ~ We are currently renting and are interested in a condo rental for March of 2021. Golf privileges desirable. Please contact Bruce at:
Posted 3/18/20: Current renters at FG who would love to return for the 2021 season (February or March).  Contact Beverly at (978)443-2684 or
Posted 4/27/20: We are two seniors seeking rental for February, March, and half of April up until April 15th. We have not previously rented at Forest Glen, but are anxious to do so. A close proximity to the pool would be desirable.  Thank you, Susan S Curran
Posted 5/4/20: Senior Couple would like to a 2+ bedroom bundled rental for Jan15-April 15, 2021 either house or Condo.  We can supply personal and financial references if required. Contact information: Roland & Mary DeSilva 917-796-0020 /
Posted 6/1/20: We have just been told that the Condo we had lined up to rent was rented out to someone else … We are looking for a rental with golf privileges from 11/26/20 - 1/4/21.  Please contact Gayle Eastell at
Posted 6/8: Retired couple looking for 2 bedroom unit for month of February 2021. We have friends that live at Forest Glen and we visited them this past winter and love the community. Golf preferred but not necessary. We are flexible as to type of unit. Thank you -  Lauren and Robert Drake, 508-277-8703 /
Posted 6/18/20: My wife and I are looking for a rental January and February 2021.  Prefer a coach or garden unit.  We can add March if rent rate is desirable.  We stayed in Forest Glen last Jan. feb.   also a golf membership needs to be included.  Contact Dennis West at
Posted 7/7/20: We are looking for a seasonal rental for February 2021.  Prefer a 2 bed/2 bath property 
My contact phone number is 248 703-2325.  Thank you, Nima Walavalkar
Posted 7/1/20: My wife and I are looking for a rental  for December(2020) January and February 2021.  Prefer a house  with 3 bed 2+ bath  We can add March if rent rate is desirable.    also a golf membership needs to be included.  Contact Karl Aschacher   847 854 8900 or
Posted 7/24/20: My name is Mike Houlihan and I’m interested in renting in Forest Glenn.  I am 30 years old, I live in Boston and I am interested in renting a property for my family and me for the months of Jan-March 2021.  We are looking for a 2-3 br property for the months of January-March 2021.  We are interested in a full golf membership.  Please contact Mike at
Posted  7/30/2020: We are looking for a one month rental with golf privileges for March 2021. My wife and I have rented in Forrest Glen for the last 6 years. Can provide excellent references.
Bob McDonough 518-796-0156 or
Posted 9/17/20: Repeat renters looking to return for 2021 for 1 month.  Would prefer February but open to March.  Please contact Ed or Peg or
Posted 9/22/20: Looking for a rental for the month of January 2021.  Preferably a twin villa or single family home.  Contact Cathy Ickes at 440-552-3695.