Rentals Wanted

Are you having trouble finding a rental at Forest Glen?  If so, this page is for you!  To post your information (i.e. contact number, email, months desired, etc.) contact Katie in the Membership Office by email at

Please be sure to keep the office updated with any changes, deletions, etc.  

Posted 3/6/19
My wife and I are interested in renting a house or condo with full golf privileges January 1, 2020 through February 12 2020. 

William Bennett

Posted 3/7/19
We have friends from Michigan that rent in Forest Glenn and I’m interested to rent in February & March of 2020.
Jeff Kamlay
248 840 0003

Posted 3/7/19
My husband and I are interested in a condo rental in the Forest Glen community for February 2020 with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Debbie Petroff

Posted 3/8/19
We are looking for a rental for February and March 2020.  We sincerely hope to return to Forest Glen next year.  Any questions or if references needed: Mike and Wendy Flynn   205-999-7767
Ann and Gary Ras / / 585-729-7962 (cell) / 585-217-8959 (home -land line)

Posted 3/8/19
We are interested in renting a condo or garden home for 2-3 months in 2020 (Jan, Feb, Mar or April).   We have been renting in Forest Glen for the last 2 years and would like to continue next year.  Our “must haves” include a transferable golf membership and a king size bed.   Forest Glen references are available upon request.  We are renting at Forest Glen now through April 15 and are available to meet personally.
Thank you,
Jim and Cindy Dozois
Jim - 248-756-3855,

Posted 3/11/19

I’m looking to rent a 2 or 3BR, 2 Bath condo in Forest Glen Feb 1st thru Feb 29th 2020; preferably in the area of Bishopwood East. Preferences include golf membership, high speed internet access and first floor unit however will consider second floor. Retired.

Tony Serrao / / 215-778-7666

Posted 3/13/19

We are a couple that are looking for a 1 month rental in February 2020.  

Thank you,  Nathalie & Jean

Posted 3/13/19

We have been renting month of February for 6 years and are looking to extend to March.  We are looking for rental for March, 2020.  We will already be there in February.   We will need golf transfer for that month.   We can be contacted at:  248-709-9148 or    Thanks!  

Posted 3/15/19

English couple resident on Forest Glen since January seek coach house or similar for Jan/Feb/Mar 2020, with golf.  Please contact

Posted 3/18/19

We are in need Forest Glen Rental for Jan, Feb & Marc 2020.  2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.
Thank you,
Rosina Gleeson 973-697-3696 or Jim Gleeson 973-229-9105

Posted 3/18/19

My wife and I are looking for a condo rental (any floor) with bundled golf for February and March of 2020.
Cannot take a full season rental( 90 days) due to wife’s medical issues. Really love this community and hope an owner could kindly oblige us and our difficult situation.

Thank you in advance,
John and Kathy Paul /

Posted 3/18/19

Looking to rent a 2 bedroom Coach Home or Garden home for Feb or March, 2020. We have been coming to Forest Glen as quests of present family owners. Golf is not required! 

Thank you,

Ernest and Jennifer Harper, / Telephone 1-613-803-3800

Posted 3/18/19

My husband and I have been visiting family and friends in Forest Glen for the last  6 years. Now that we are retired we would love to rent in your community. we are looking for a place for the month of February through the 1st 2 weeks in March 2020. Just the month of Feb. would work also. We love the coach homes, garden homes and condos too!

We can be contacted at or 646-552-8747 (text would be great).

Nancy and Bill Allert

Posted 3/18/19

Jim Frevert recommended I reach out to you to see if you would know of any rentals for February and March of 2020 in Forest Glen. My wife, Nancy, an I reside in Northwest Iowa. We retired 5 years ago and have been coming to the area for the moth of March. We now would like to do two months, February and March. If you know of anyone who might have a rental I would appreciate it! Thank you in advance. 
Warm Regards,
Gary D. Hamer / (712) 330-2225 /

Posted 3/20/19

We stayed at Forest Glen last year and would like to rent a 2 BR/2 bath condo for March 2020.  We would not need golf transfer, just a social membership. 

Thank you so much for your consideration!
Sue Brow  586.255.3815 or 586.263.7266

Posted 3/21/19
Dee Pollaci. -  314 898  2733 cell /
I would prefer 1 or 2 months next season 2020.

Posted 3/25/19

Looking for a 2 bed, 2 bath, one or two car garage, shade on deck, 1st floor nice town home or condo for next season.  We want something nice.  Rental preferred for 3 months or maybe 6 months.


Posted 4/1/19

We have several friends living in Forest Glen, most from Rhode Island.  We are looking for a pet friendly rental for next March March 1st thru March 31st 2020.

Thank you,
Maureen McNamara
Posted 4/1/19

We are very interested in renting in the Forest Glen Golf and Country Club community next February or March (or potentially both) and have struggled thus far to find an available unit through the Club website or other brokered sources.   We are open to renting any of the several unit types, but would need to have a golf membership transfer associated with the rental.   

Interested owners should contact, Michael and Lynn Atkins,, mobile phone 517-285-4496.

Posted 4/2/19

My husband and I are possibly looking to rent in Forest Glen next winter (1/1/20 - 3/31/20)  and we want to know if we can get a seasonal golf membership for those three months.  We have rented in the Naples area for the last 19 years (my husband does not want to buy) and we have heard some very nice comments about your community.  So... I thought I would reach out and see what golf opportunities there are for renters.

Thanks so much,
Pat Parry / / cell 317-432-4281

Posted 4/4/19

My husband and I are interested in renting a house or condo with golf privileges in March of 2020. We have stayed here in 2017 & 2018 and hope to return in 2020!

Thank you,
Rick and Donna Lytle / 847-372-6386 /

Posted 4/15/19

I am looking for 2 rentals for the month of March 202.  My husband are interested in renting one of the units and my cousin is interested in the 2nd unit. 
We are familiar with the club.  My husband and I live friends that live there.  If anything is available or becomes available please contact me.  

Linda Gugino

Posted 4/17/19

Looking for golf privileges with home rental.  If home is available minimum two bedrooms two bathrooms, pool with golf included.  January through April, currently renting at Veronawalk.  Tel 9179910984.

Posted 4/22/19

My wife and I are interested in renting a condo for Feb. and Mar. of 2020. We have stayed in Forest Glen for 8 yrs. Contact info below:

Brian and Maureen Madden / / 708-349-0152

Posted 5/7/19

My husband and I are interested to rent for 3 months beginning January 1st 2020 with full golf privileges. Please contact us by email or by phone 1 438 398-6444.

Louise SauvƩ

Posted 5/20/19
We are looking for a one month condo rental for January 2020.  Prefer two beds and two baths.  Please advise availability and costs.  Our friends are looking for a unit as well, so two units.

Sheri Martinello / 905-741-8729

Posted 5/24/19

We are looking to rent in Forest Glen for Feb-Mar 2020. We have rented there many years. Tom and Laurel Walsh.... Fort Wayne,

Posted 6/5/19

We have been renting at Forest Glen in the condos for several years .  The condo is being sold this year and we are looking for a one month rental in January or February.   Thank you for your consideration with this manner.  BonniešŸŒ“

Please contact Bonnie Boyle at 856 256-6943 by phone or text.  

Posted 6/17/19

We are looking for a rental with golf membership transfer for the month of February.  We have rented at Forest Glen previously and would like to come back again.  Condo with king bed preferred.

Thank you, Jane Moraw 269-580-2645 or 269-445-2285