Rentals Wanted

Are you having trouble finding a rental at Forest Glen?  If so, this page is for you!  To post your information (i.e. contact number, email, months desired, etc.) contact Katie in the Membership Office by email at

Please be sure to keep the office updated with any changes, deletions, etc.  

2020/2021 Season
Posted 10/21/19 ~ Looking to rent a condo or garden home for February 1 - April 30, 2021.  We have  been renting in Forest Glen since 2013!  Tom and Mary Leahy 216-496-6975.
Posted 11/12/19 ~ We are looking for a Garden home or Condo rental January-March/April 2021/ next season.  We have been coming to Forest Glen for 6 years and might also be interested in an annual renewal.  Thank you. Kathy Dishon 203-394-1724
Posted 11/18/19 ~ We are interested in renting a home or condo in March of 2021 with the golf membership transfer. We have rented at Forest Glen the last 4 years.  Donna and Rick Lytle. 847-372-6386.
Posted 1/8/20 ~ My wife and I are looking for a rental unit for January and February 2021.  Would prefer a coach home or a 4th floor condo overlooking golf course.  We are currently renting a first floor condo here.  Dennis
Posted 1/14/20 ~ We are looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom unit to rent for the 2021 season.  Contact Bill & Rosanne Zaika at 315-415-2523 or email  
Posted 1/15/20 ~ My wife and I are currently renting at Forest Glen and seeking a 2 or 3 bedroom unit for January through March 2021.  Please contact John Godbout 614-389-7100. 
Posted 1/21/20 ~ We are interested in renting January 2021 - long time renters to the community.  Golf privileges are not necessary.  References available upon request.  Contact Bonnie at 856-265-6943 or
Posted 1/23/20 ~ I am looking for either a 2 or 3 month rental for the 2021 Season.  Preferably a 4th floor condo or a coach or garden home.  Please contact Pat Moore 217-202-9857.  
Posted 1/29/20 ~ Long time renters looking to extend time period next season, preferably mid January 2021 - mid or end of February 2021.  Contact Janet 847-997-4701.
Posted 1/30/20 ~ Long time renters looking for a new unit (owners are selling) for the 2021 season (Feb & March), 2 bedroom, 2 bath preferred.  Golf privileges are not required.  Contact Nancy 540-220-0460
Posted 1/31/20 ~ We are looking to rent a 2-bedroom unit for February and March, 2021.  We have not experienced Forest Glen before but we are very interested in trying it.  We are interested in a full golf transfer membership.  Please email us at or phone: 905 505 1071
Posted 2/6/20 ~ We are currently renting at Forest Glen but the owners will be occupying the unit next year.  We are looking to rent March 2021 with the golf membership transfer.  Please contact Theresa or Terry at or 705-890-7561.
Posted 2/10/20 ~ Retired couple looking to rent condo for February & March 2021 With small certified ESA dog.  Currently renting in the Naples area.  Reference available.  Contact Linda Kaufman at  
Posted 2/11/20 ~ I am looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit for January thru March 2021. Prefer first floor as my friend who will be traveling with me has some knee problems. We are interested in something in the neighborhood of $3,000 per month but can be a little flexible. We are mature women who are active, non smokers and personable. Thanks!  
Jenny Zimmer, 513-675-3633
Posted 2/12/20 ~ Current renters at Forest Glen - We are looking for a 2 month rental for 2021 in February and March at Forest Glen.  Contact Patrick or Angela at 734 330 6862.
Posted 2/12/20 ~ We are long time renters (owner is selling) at Forest Glen looking for a condo or a 1st floor garden home from February 1st through April 30th with Golf Privileges.  Contact Char at 847-977-4814 at
Posted 2/14/20 ~ My husband and I are recently retired and are looking to rent (condo or home) for February and possibly March of 2021 with the golf membership transfer. We are non-smokers, no pets and have been renting in Marco Island the last two winters. Thank you Darlene & Joe Donovan Contact Darlene at: 414-630-2004 or
Posted 2/17/20 ~ My wife and I have been coming to Forest Glen for the past 5 years.  We love the golf course and the friendly atmosphere.  We are presently renting a coach home that is up for sale.  We are interested in renting another coach home from January to the end of March (3 months) in 2021.
We are Canadians.  Peter Ross   Email: or Tel: 514-773-7823
Posted 2/17/20 ~ Current renters seeking a 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom/den rental with golf transfer for Feb and March 2021 season.  Excellent local and previous rental references.  Mike and Pat Keane at 708.302.5780. 
Posted 2/18/20 ~ Looking to rent a Condo, Garden home, Villa or Coach home for January 1-31, 2021, with golf privileges. Thank you, Bill Lenich--203-722-0674 

2019/2020 Season 
Posted 1/6/20 ~  We are looking for a 3 bedroom pool home for the month of March 2020.  We are 4 adults, retired and looking to run away from the cold. Please let me know if there is any availability. Thank you so much.  
Posted 1/27/20 ~ We have rented a number of years in the past and were looking to rent this February and possibly March.  Thanks, Mary Sue and Jack Schmidt
Posted 2/14/20 ~ Forest Glen Owners, Steven & Kathy Nelson, are in need of a rental property (Coach Home) for aprox. the months of June, July, August of 2020.  We  are having  some extensive construction done to our unit and need a place to stay and be able to oversee the work.  Contact us if you have any availability in the off season.