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Enjoy Bocce at Forest Glen

Bocce is a yard game of Italian heritage and a fun activity for all ages and athletic abilities. The rules are simple, making it a fun and easy game to play. We encourage all members to try the game, watch a game and meet other members in this inviting social setting. Members have the opportunity to join a league or to stop by with their own group.

League Play 2021-2022

The time has come for us to safely return to the fun of our competitive bocce league play. There will be three, six-week sessions this coming season. Mixed league play will be held on Sunday and Monday afternoons. Men’s and Ladies’ leagues will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Matches will begin at 4 PM and last 1 hour with 15 minutes for transition. We moved dates and times to work around as many other events and entertainments as possible.
Teams of 4 to 8 players can sign up after selecting a name and a captain. The captain should then email her/his contact information, player names and team name to Individuals or couples who would like to form teams or act as league subs should email their information along with the league that they are interested in. We will be posting lists for each on the Playpass site and hosting a Bocce Connection Reception before the sign-up deadline to give everyone a chance to find a team.
Following the fall session, we will again review the results and the experience to see what adjustments should be made for the two winter sessions.

2022 Bocce Flyer

League Scorers

Men’s Tuesday League Ed Wetmore
Ladies Wednesday League Jean Bellora
Mixed Monday League Patty Stewart
Mixed Sunday League Charlie De Rienzo

If for some reason you are unable to play at your scheduled time, it is allowable for you to contact your opponent to work out a mutually agreed upon alternate time to play.  Please email the scores in by noon the next day.


All information regarding schedules, rosters and standings can be found in Playpass. 
There you can view and print relevant information as needed.

Click Here to be taken to the PlayPass website.


Committee Members

Ron Bellora 413-441-3514
Ken Shea 609-540-2453
Charlie De Rienzo 646-879-4980
Mary McGuinn 401-829-8796
Michael Stewart 978-836-8354
Patty Stewart 978-836-8355
Ed Wetmore 609-335-7690


General Information & Rules

All needed equipment will be available court-side for your use.  Measuring devices will also be available.
The dress code is casual and proper footwear is required to maintain our facility.  Please wear clean, flat soled, tennis-type shoes that will not damage the clay surface on our new courts.
Before you play, we suggest you review the Tutorials/Videos that are uploaded on the bottom of this page . If you are new to the game, you can find some short videos included to acquaint you with the game.
Courts are reserved for league play from 4 PM to 8 PM on Sunday and Monday, and from 4 PM to 5:30 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For all information concerning League play, please refer to the League Play section more details, including team rosters, schedules and standings.
We have simplified rules for Forest Glen play.  Leagues will be expected to use the rules adopted by Forest Glen found below.
Beverage service will be provided during league play based on demand.


Click Here to view the Bocce Rules

The sport is played with one small ball (pallino) and eight larger balls (bocce), four for each team. The pallino is thrown first and becomes the target. Then each bocce is thrown with the goal of placing it as close to the pallino as possible.

Each game is played with two teams of four players, two players are positioned at either end. Players must stay at their end of the court for the entire game but may be repositioned for any subsequent games.


The object of the game is for one team to get as many of their bocce balls as possible closer to the pallino than the opposing team’s closest ball. One point is awarded for each closer ball. Then the process is repeated. The first team that scores 11 points wins the game.